What counts is the customer and his set of rules and regulations. Service at AEL

Heat exchanger and system technology are engineering products. None resembles the other – because no task resembles the other and because each set of rules and regulations requires another order specification. Not to mention actual customer requirements.

Finishing and approval

Material and component testing are agreed upon and performed according to the specific order. The colouring of the plant is also designed according to customer requirements. Upon request, the assembly of heat exchanger and system technology is tested at AEL in the presence of the customer.

Shipping and logistics

AEL delivers its products according to the contractual agreement on the basis of the Incoterms 2010. The packaging complies with the order specification. Forwarding companies, with which AEL has a long-standing reliable partnership, are entrusted with the transport across Europe and the world.

Installation and commissioning

AEL delivers its heat exchanger and system technology in a way that they can be integrated in the complete plant according to the principle of “plug and play”. If installation works are necessary on site, AEL will provide an installation team. Upon the customer´s request, AEL will also be present for the commissioning of the complete plant.

Maintenance and repair

Under the premise of a proper operation of the complete plant, AEL shall assume a guarantee for each of its products according to the customer agreement. The maintenance of the plant components from AEL is usually included in the overall maintenance schedule for the plant. AEL will hand over a check list for this purpose upon commissioning.

Even if each product is a unique product, it nevertheless consists, as far as possible, of serial and thus reproducible modules and components, for which AEL can quickly deliver a replacement in case of an emergency. If a special competence is necessary for repair works, our service team will be at your disposal on site.

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